Report: Parts of The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi really were George Lucas’ idea

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Jan 5, 2018, 2:58 PM EST

It seems that every time a Star Wars movie beep-boops into theaters, there’s going to be someone who thinks it’s either too far, far away from that galaxy or more déjà vu than one of R2-D2’s holographic replays—but if you ask Lucasfilm exec Pablo Hidalgo, The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi orbit closer to George Lucas’ concepts than fans might have assumed.

Hidalgo tweets. A lot. So when Star Wars News Net noticed that Full of Sith podcast contributor Bryan Young was on to the similarity between the ideas of the original Star Wars director, as seen in The Art Of… books for both films, and some eerily familiar onscreen plot elements surrounding Kylo Ren and Rey, they shared what would turn out to be a revealing Twitter thread (from which Hidalgo has since deleted his tweets) with the internet. 

When Young later mentioned that pushing Luke to the end of The Force Awakens was screenwriter Michael Arndt's doing, Hidalgo’s reply about where Episode VII actually spawned from gave us a look into the original vision Lucas had for The Force Awakens.

"In a very general sense, the original idea of 7 started midway through what we now know as 8," Hidalgo tweeted.

Meaning, had events played out as they were concepted, we would have found out about Kylo Ren’s origins two years ago. Hidalgo revealed what is already obvious in The Art of Star Wars: the Last Jedi:  that "the son falling to the dark side was always in the mix." Lucas (not J.J. Abrams) was the one who intended to make a movie that explored the villain formerly known as Ben Solo turning to the Dark Side and becoming the traitor and serial killer we love to hate.

Rey was also supposed to hand Luke the lightsaber that would convince him to emerge from Ahch-To in the same prototype Episode VII. While R2 does lead Rey to Luke at the end of the The Force Awakens, we really don’t learn about the dark past of Snoke’s apprentice until late in The Last Jedi. Trust Hidalgo with this, because he’s in on everything that happens in the studio.

About those fan rumors that Lucas’ concepts come into being in the Star Wars Legends novels and comics, when Young commented about what could have been Rey's former incarnation, Hidalgo explained how alt-characters Skyler, Kira (who is actaully going to be appearing in the Han Solo movie) and Talon are reflected in Finn, Rey and Kylo.

"[They] became, after a fashion, Finn and Rey," he said. "The Jedi Killer morphed from Talon corrupting the son to becoming the son. Uber became Snoke. The starting point shifted.

You also might have needed a DNA test to determine who Han Solo’s son was during Lucas’ epic brainstorm sessions until the final version of the character was born, teasing that Skyler was the son in some versions. The rest is in another galaxy.

There was obviously some major shapeshifting involved before these characters became the ones we know onscreen, but it has become obvious through both Hidalgo’s tweets and his conversation with Young that what Lucas dreamed up really evolved instead of just getting lost in space. 

(via Star Wars News Net)