Report: Ron Howard reshot most of Solo: A Star Wars Story

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Oct 30, 2017, 10:40 PM EDT

Ron Howard may have been a late addition to Solo: A Star Wars Story, but apparently the directorial shake-up behind the scenes led to significant reshoots on the film.

After the departure of dual directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller back in June, it was confirmed only two days later that Howard would be stepping in to take over the project. He was quick to assuage fans that everything was "coming along great," in spite of the abrupt transition (and dropped fun behind-the-scenes photos from filming along the way). But evidently Howard's signing on to Solo didn't just mean a directing takeover -- and now, at least according to one report, it sounds unlikely that much of Lord and Miller's original vision will even make it to the final cut of the movie.

In the episode of the Resistance Broadcast podcast below, the show's hosts report that according to inside sources, Howard has reshot "nearly all" of Solo: A Star Wars Story -- or, more accurately, about 80% -- and for almost double the original production budget.

No official source from the Lucasfilm camp has corroborated this info, and it's unlikely we'll ever get an on-the-record statement confirming its veracity -- but when you look at the overall production timeline, it's likely that Solo did have to undergo some extensive reshoots.

Howard's first day on set was about a week after news of his hiring broke; he posted a photo on Twitter on June 29 and confirmed the official title of Solo: A Star Wars Story on the same day the movie wrapped production, October 17. That amounts to nearly four months -- about the same length of time Lord and Miller were shooting prior to their exit. Of course, there are other factors to take into account for the length of production time under Howard's direction (like scheduling availability, which affected at least one actor due to reshoots). But considering that Howard had nearly the same amount of time as Lord and Miller, it wouldn't be surprising if the unverified reports are true.

It's also unclear if Lord and Miller will be receiving any credit for their contributions to the film, but we may have to wait until May 25, 2018, when Solo debuts -- because we know if Han hates anything, it's telling him the odds.