Report says Daniel Craig is walking away from huge money for more Bond

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May 19, 2016

After four films as 007, Daniel Craig might really be hanging up the tux.

During the press tour for the last Bond film, 2015's Spectre, Craig was extremely cranky when asked about doing another film and basically acted like he couldn't wait to wash his hands of the whole franchise. At the time, that was chalked up to his being exhausted from a long and tough shoot and not wanting to even think about the next one for a minute or two -- which was fair enough, although he came across in some interviews as borderline rude.

Well, it seems as if some time off hasn't changed Craig's stance, although we must caution that the following comes from the Daily Mail, one of those infamous British tabloids that are not always concerned with getting their facts straight -- or even factual. Nevertheless, the Mail reports that Craig has turned down an offer of 68 million British pounds -- the equivalent of nearly $100 million -- to play Bond in two more films. 

Now, keep in mind that money isn't all up-front in salary; a lot of it is from profit-sharing after each movie goes into the black, a piece of the endorsement pie and other incentives. Still, I'm willing to bet that the salary portion of it was pretty healthy too, which makes it even more remarkable that he would say no.

Or has he? The BBC has looked into the Mail's claims, and their sources say that "no decision is likely to be made for a while” by Craig about his future with MI6. There is also the matter of whether he's still contracted to make one more movie no matter what -- it's been unclear whether he was initially signed for four or five pictures. But even if he is obligated to play Bond one more time under his current deal, the studio may let him go anyway if he's unhappy enough about it.

For the record, Craig's tenure as Bond has been a generally strong one -- two excellent films (Casino Royale and Skyfall), one pretty good if kind of ludicrous one (Spectre) and one flat-out misfire (Quantum of Solace). Spectre seemed to divide a lot of the audience and was not as huge a success as its predecessor Skyfall, so if Craig does even just one more, he could potentially go out on top with a strong entry and leave the fans in good spirits for his successor. But if he's so fed up with the role that he's willing to walk away from the megadeal that's on the table now, it might just be better for all concerned to start from scratch.

Do you think Craig should do one or two more, or is it time for someone else to take the role? And if so, should it be current favorite, Tom Hiddleston, or another actor?

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