Report: Spider-Man spin-off Silver and Black to include Marvel’s The Wild Pack

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Sep 3, 2019, 7:45 AM EDT (Updated)

Marvel's the Wild Pack is rumored to be joining the quickly expanding Spidey Universe.

Sony's upcoming Silver and Black -- the studio’s Spider-Man: Homecoming adjacent spinoff -- centers on the female comic book heroes Black Cat and Silver Sable, and ThatHashTagShow reports that now some members of the Wild Pack could be roped into the movie's plot to help the ladies.

In the comics, the Wild Pack were assembled by Sable’s father Ernst Sablinova, as a team to track down and apprehend international criminals.  They were also on hand to recover any stolen goods from a varied lists of clients including everyone from small countries to large insurance companies.

In the movie, Sable will reportedly be working as a bounty hunter backed by the U.S. government and aided (we assume) by her Marvel pals.

For those unfamiliar, Silver Sable is the CEO of Silver Sable International, and a mercenary whose loyalties lie with Peter Parker, while Black Cat is the alter ego of Felicia Hardy, an infamous cat burglar who has been known to join forces (and sometimes fight against) Spider-Man.

ThatHashtagShow previously reported that the villain of the film is rumored to be Mendel Stromm, an arguably less renowned Spider-Man villain, known for his experimentation in robotics and cybernetics.

The film has been given a release date of Feb. 8, 2019, while the other Spidey spin-off Venom is slated for an Oct. 2018 release.

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