Report: Star Trek: Discovery to tackle the Mirror Universe

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Sep 3, 2019, 7:52 AM EDT (Updated)

Jonathan Frakes attended a fan panel for Creation’s Star Trek-themed Continuing Voyage Tour convention in Chicago over the weekend, where he reportedly dropped a major spoiler concerning Star Trek: Discovery.

The man who played Cmdr. William T. Riker on seven seasons of Star Trek: The Next Generation and four subsequent movies let slip that the upcoming CBS All Access Star Trek series will be doing a Mirror Universe episode.

The news warped full speed ahead via social media, including via the Twitter feed of popular Star Trek band 5 Year Mission, which was on hand at the Chicago convention, where they performed on stage.

Trek Movie then spoke to Andy Fark of 5 Year Mission, who confirmed the tweets, adding that Frakes, who has directed a Discovery episode, didn’t say if the Mirror Universe episode was his but confirmed the episode he helmed was very Klingon-heavy.

The Mirror Universe was first featured in two episodes of Star Trek: The Original Series (“Mirror, Mirror,” “The Tholian Web”) and was revisited years later in several episodes of Deep Space Nine (entirely skipping TNG and Voyager). The last time the Mirror Universe was seen on TV was in the Season 4 Star Trek: Enterprise two-parter “In a Mirror Darkly.”


Obviously, this isn’t official confirmation that Star Trek: Discovery will indeed feature a Mirror Universe episode, but the odds of the crew of the starship Discovery encountering their Mirror Universe counterparts sound pretty good. What do you guys think?

Star Trek: Discovery premieres on Sept. 24.

(via Trek Movie)

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