Report: The Flash is the breakout star of Justice League in early screenings

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Mar 25, 2021, 11:00 PM EDT (Updated)

One of the big mysteries of the year is how DC’s Justice League flick will turn out, following the exit of Zack Snyder and the hire of Joss Whedon to wrap up the project. Well, now we at least have an inkling of who could be the breakout star.

In a since-deleted tweet, Regal Cinemas’ Chris Sylvia revealed that DC’s Geoff Johns teased that Ezra Miller’s Flash is the “collective favorite coming out of Justice League.” That’s not a huge shock, considering Barry Allen is a great, accessible character, but it’s still encouraging to hear the studio likely nailed the big-screen version. Writing clever, quippy dialogue is Whedon’s bread and butter, and Barry Allen is a character tailor made for his type of wit. He’s had most of the good lines in the trailers up to this point, and it sounds like there are a lot more where those came from.


Though The Flash has proven a hit on The CW’s television series starring Grant Gustin in the title role (not to mentioned the character's storied career in comics), Warner Bros. has had a whole lot of trouble getting Flash’s solo film off the ground. In the span of just two years, it’s shed two directors over creative differences and currently has no hand steering the ship through development. It was supposed to shoot about nine months ago, but now the story has been retooled to function as a Flashpoint adaptation. A script was recently turned in, but there’s still no indication of when it’ll actually shoot or be released.

But all that could change if Flash is the fan favorite coming out of Justice League. DC is nothing if not flexible when it comes to the DCEU. When Wonder Woman became a hit, the studio fast-tracked a sequel and amped up Diana’s role in Justice League. If fans are loving Flash after this one opens in November, it stands to reason we’ll see him again sooner rather than later.

Justice League opens November 17. Do you really think Flash will steal the show?

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