Report: These are the final choices for the Fantastic Four reboot

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Feb 20, 2014, 10:36 AM EST (Updated)

The studio hasn't officially announced it yet, but a major Hollywood trade believes it knows the names of the new Fantastic Four.

We've been hearing a lot of buzz over the last few months about who will play the four leads in Twentieth Century Fox's reboot of the Marvel Comics Fantastic Four franchise. The studio got a mixed reception from its first shot at the original Marvel superteam with 2005's Fanastic Four and 2007's Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, and it's hoping that Chronicle director Josh Trank will breathe new big-screen life into the characters. We've suspected for a while that we know the somewhat different direction Trank is taking, and if these casting reports are true, they only confirm it.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, four actors are in the "final stages" of "making deals" for the film, and at least two of them are names you might already have expected to hear. Hollywood Reporter's sources claim that Miles Teller (WhiplashThat Awkward Moment) is set to play Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic, while Michael B. Jordan (ChronicleFruitvale Station) -- who's been said to have been involved with the project for more than a year now -- will play Johnny Storm/The Human Torch.

The other half of the group, according to these reports, is somewhat, but not entirely, less predictable. The same sources claim that Kate Mara (House of Cards) will play Sue Storm/Invisible Woman. Mara's name has been thrown around in connection with the role recently, so it's not a huge surprise that she landed it, but the fourth part of this equation might surprise you. If these reports are to be believed (and for the moment, let's just say that they are while not being surprised if things change), the final choice for Ben Grimm/The Thing is Jamie Bell (Jumper, The Adventures of Tintin), not, as has previously been reported, Josh Gad or Christian Cooke. Depending on who you talk to, all of these actors could be called surpising choices, but based on what we've been hearing lately, Bell is clearly the dark horse who may have just won the race.

We can't call all of this a lock quite yet, though. Even when we set aside the fact that Fox has not officially announced the cast, we have to take into account THR's point that Teller's schedule in particular is a bit full at the moment, as it includes, among other things, a role in an upcoming biopic of legendary comedian John Belushi. Still, this report is consistent with many of the things we've heard in the past about the type of cast Trank and company were aiming for with this reboot, so we may just have our foursome.

We'll keep checking for official confirmation on this casting combination. In the meantime, though, what do you think? Will this superteam be a rewarding big-screen experience?

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