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Report: Unannounced Harry Potter RPG in the works, already being tested

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Oct 2, 2018, 3:42 PM EDT (Updated)

As J.K. Rowling continues to expand the Harry Potter universe with stage plays and Fantastic Beast sequels, it’s a wonder that the video game world has been satisfied for so long with small-scale movie tie-ins and mobile games. But now there’s a rumor (and some fuzzy footage supporting it) that a new game is about to enter the Wizarding World’s canon — and it looks to be what fans have been wanting for years.

A third-person RPG, taking a customized witch or wizard through Hogwarts and the woods, dungeons, and other dangerous locales nearby, where you can blast away with Reducto as often as sneaking through locked doors with Alohomora. Like The Witcher, but PG-13. Well, according to a report by The Verge, this might be what fans will get... eventually.

After footage of a new, unannounced Harry Potter game — set partially at Hogwarts and with John Williams’ iconic “Hedwig's Theme” playing in the background — surfaced on Reddit, fans were abuzz over the promises of the trailer.

The video has since been yanked, following a copyright claim from Warner Bros. The original post is below:

Now, is this leak from a real focus group — as the Redditor who posted it claims, saying they “went into a room for a focus group, took a sneak video, and uploaded it. This isn't some marketing ploy.” — or is it a fake, a fan creation, or some other way to dash all our hopes?

The synopsis leaked by the same user claims the game will take place in a 19th-century version of Hogwarts, with the player’s student teaming up with “Professor Elezar Fig” to track strange events potentially stemming from remnants of ancient magic. Claiming eight different wizardly classes, the ability to join the house of your choice, and either stand up for good or give in to evil, there are a lot of options in this game’s description — and we haven’t even gotten to the magic.

The video shows characters with a magical arsenal containing such spells as Lumos, Reparo, Alohomora, Expulso, Stupefy, Depulso, Levioso, and Expelliarmus. Oh, and you fight a troll. The game is rumored to come from Salt Lake City’s Avalanche Software, the studio behind Disney Infinity that was recently acquired by Warner Bros. The company was apparently looking for a new hire with plenty of knowledge about historical Britain, while it’s currently hiring artists for an “unannounced AAA title” — some with skills focused on human and animal anatomy. That seems to line up reasonably well with what we saw in that footage.

If this is, in fact, real, fans have an entirely new timeline opening up to them for magical stories — and the kind of game they’ve been asking to play since the first film came out. For now, we can only wait and see.