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Report: Wonder Woman 2 eyeing Kristen Wiig for Cheetah

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Feb 28, 2018, 8:45 PM EST

Wonder Woman’s sequel seems to be adding a much-needed villain after Diana crushed her foe (and ended a war) in her debut standalone film.

According to Deadline, Warner Bros and DC are in talks with actress and comedian Kristen Wiig to play the role of Cheetah in Patty Jenkins’ sequel. The villain/antihero has had many iterations, but always as a rival of Diana's. However, the levels of that rivalry are very different, as sometimes Cheetah is a straight-up villain in the comics, but other times she starts out as Wonder Woman's friend, only to be slowly corrupted.

Though we're not sure how Jenkins will play it, as Cheetah's name would imply, she's super fast, strong, agile, and acrobatic. And she's got vicious claws. Sometimes her power comes from her suit, other times she gets it from a God in the form of a blessing. And she's almost always rich.

The follow-up to last year’s smash hit will be written, directed, and produced by Jenkins -- with Wiig as “the top choice” (per Variety's sources) to play Cheetah.

Wonder Woman 2 is scheduled on WB’s calendar for a Nov. 1, 2019 premiere, so shooting needs to start as soon as possible, if there’s to be time for post-production and a full marketing cycle before pushing the film into theaters.

While Sarah Paulson had been vocal about the role before, Deadline mentions that their sources say Wiig’s been the frontrunner in Jenkins’ mind from the start -- so much so that the director told the Ghostbusters actress of her interest before leaving to location scout for the sequel.

It’s unclear if Wiig is interested in the comic book world, but a recent meeting between Wiig and the executives behind the DCEU film certainly points in a positive direction. The SNL vet's skill playing a wide array of characters with varying degrees of seriousness and silliness would be a big asset in bringing charisma to a villainous role opposite Gal Gadot’s heroic poise -- but no matter who is cast as Cheetah, it’ll be exciting to see the character on screen, don't you think?