Report: Wonder Woman's solo films will take us to the DC Universe's past

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Jun 26, 2015, 4:17 PM EDT (Updated)

A new report claims Wonder Woman's solo adventures on the big screen will pre-date the rest of Warner Bros.' superhero films by quite a few years.

After we heard for months that Gal Gadot's contract at Warner Bros. included a solo Wonder Woman film, the studio confirmed the news earlier this month and gave the long-awaited Wonder Woman movie a 2017 release date. The looming Wonder Woman flick is great news for fans who've been impatiently waiting for it for years, but though we're happy to see it on the horizon, we haven't heard much about just where the film will take Diana ... until now.

According to Bleeding Cool's sources, Wonder Woman will pre-date Justice League. It will also pre-date Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and even Man of Steel. In fact, it'll reportedly travel so far back that Bruce Wayne, Clark Kent and the rest of the Justice League won't even exist yet. 

If this report is true, the Wonder Woman film will begin on Paradise Island, where Amazons are divided into factions and struggling for power. Everything changes when a man arrives, asking for help, and Diana follows him back to the world outside the island. Once there, it will reportedly be revealed that the film is set in the 1920s, at a time when women in America have just won the right to vote. This interesting time in American history will all be filtered through Diana's perspective as someone from a place where women already had all the power. 

There are no other details about what will take place in the film, so we don't yet have any whispers of potential villains or connections to the future of the DC Universe. The report did go on, though, to say that the Wonder Woman sequel would apparently be set in World War II, and a third film would take Diana to the present day. This is, of course, an unconfirmed report, but if it's true it would give Wonder Woman a unique place and perspective in the DC Universe that Batman and Superman simply don't have. She'll have the benefit of having seen the 20th century unfold as a powerful, unaging hero, and that could serve her very well when she finally joins the League. 

We'll keep watching for more Wonder Woman updates, and see if anyone at Warner Bros. confirms, denies or even gives a wink in the direction of this report. In the meantime, what do you think? Would you want to see Wonder Woman in action well before DC's other heroes?

(Via Bleeding Cool)

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