Researchers developing real life Baymax, aka a personal healthcare assistant

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Nov 29, 2016, 10:56 AM EST

Though he’s probably best known for his karate skills and flying abilities, Big Hero 6’s Baymax was originally designed as a healthcare assistant. So a team at Duke University is trying to (kinda) make a real one.

The School of Engineering and School of Nursing at Duke is working on a two-armed robot named the Tele-Robotic Intelligent Nursing Assistant (TRINA, for short). The robot was designed to assist nurses in high-risk healthcare situations, but much as Hiro’s big brother predicted, there’s a ton of potential for robotics when it comes to the healthcare field.

They came up with it in 2014 in response to an Ebola outbreak, and the robot features a screen for a face that displays the human operator’s face (for the personal, robotic touch). The robot can only be used for very simple tasks right now (i.e. moving trays and drinks, etc.), and the research team will be putting it through its paces at the university’s School of Nursing. It’s still in the early stages, obviously, but they believe TRINA could be a fantastic surrogate for real-life nurses in dangerous (or contagious) situations.

Check out a demo of the tech below and let us know what you think:

(Via Duke Chronicle, Mental Floss)