Researchers merge faces of every Doctor into one revealing portrait

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Dec 26, 2013, 3:00 PM EST

Have you ever wondered what the “real face” of the Doctor on Doctor Who would actually look like if he were, you know, real?

With Peter Capaldi having just replaced Matt Smith as the titular Doctor in yesterday’s Christmas special, “The Time of the Doctor,” it’s rather timely that researchers (make it psychologists) over at the University of Aberdeen Face Lab have revealed the results of what they call “face averaging” technology, giving us the "real face" of the Doctor.

Basically, they’ve taken images from all 13 actors who’ve played the role of the beloved Time Lord (including John Hurt’s War Doctor, of course) throughout the sci-fi show's 50 years, and came up with what they call a “remarkable” result—the outcome being this composite image below.


How… absolutely, perfectly average. 

David Robertson from the Face Lab said:

“It's interesting that the face we have developed is not dominated by the features of any one of the actors to have played The Doctor.
“Rather it represents a combination of the averaged features of each actor to have taken on the role.
“Indeed, this face average could guide future casting directors in their search for the ideal actor to play the Time Lord.
“Of course, Doctor Who takes on an entirely new face each time he regenerates.
“However, in the real world, people keep the same face but it varies considerably across their lifetime, and in photographs. How this relates to our ability to recognise faces is one of the key issues our current research is tackling.”

Intriguing, but we doubt any Doctor Who showrunner or producer worth their salt would use such a tool to decide which actor should play the next Mad Man in the Big Blue Police Box. It's called casting the best actor for the job.

But what do you guys think of the Doctor’s “real," if rather "average,” face? 

(via BBC News)