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Resident Alien cast and crew go full Area 51 with their personal alien theories in new video

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Feb 10, 2021, 6:40 PM EST

The folks behind SYFY's Resident Alien want to believe. In what? Well, aliens, of course! 

That's right: the people behind the brand-new series lean toward the Fox Mulder side of The X-Files spectrum when it comes to believing in life beyond this planet. We already knew that creator Chris Sheridan (Family Guy) was inspired to tackle the project after spotting a UFO on his honeymoon in the Bahamas, but what are the opinions of his talented cast and crew?

"I 100% believe in aliens," admits Sara Tomko (Asta Twelvetrees) in the fresh, behind-the-scenes featurette below. "We had one of the crew members take a picture of us and we saw, in the distance, a green orb. And when we zoomed in, it looked like an alien. There's nothing [else] it could've been — there was no light out there."

Corey Reynolds (Sheriff Mike Thompson) puts it a little more bluntly: "I do believe in aliens. If they come here, we're screwed. We are screwed, we are likely food."

You can see their alien responses, as well as more from the cast and crew including star Alan Tudyk (Harry Vanderspeigle) and series director Robert Duncan McNeill, in the video below:

And who is that around the one-minute mark? Why, it's famed ufologist, Giorgio A. Tsoukalo! Based on this teaser trailer released prior to Resident Alien's network premiere last month, we know that the Ancient Aliens and meme-able TV personality makes a cameo in a later episode of the show. Linda Hamilton (The Terminator) and Terry O'Quinn (Lost) are also among the guest stars you can expect to see in the coming weeks.

The first four episodes are currently free to watch at, on the SYFY app, or on VOD. (Episode 1 is available until Feb. 26; Episodes 2 & 3 until March 5; and Episode 4 until March 19).

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