Resident Evil babes go girl-on-girl in Afterlife

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:09 PM EST

The lovely ladies of Resident Evil: Afterlife wowed WonderCon fans with a kick-ass new 3-D trailer for the fourth film in the franchise, and the sexy duo of Alice (Milla Jovovich) and Claire (Ali Larter) spilled more details to us on the press line later. (Spoilers ahead!)

First of all, both girls get physical. Together. OK, they fight. "Claire and Alice have an amazing fight scene," Larter said in a group interview on Saturday in San Francisco. "That girl, though, kicks ass."

If there's anyone who can heat up the screen like Jovovich, it's Larter. Or why not just have more than one Jovovich? The actress/model performed as an army of Alice clones created by the Umbrella Corp. in the previous film, Resident Evil: Extinction.

"The clone sequences, of course, were really different and very complicated to shoot," Jovovich said in a separate group interview. "Just learning how to associate with somebody that isn't there, that's just a little cross and they put a mark for you, and you kind of have to react as if the person is real. That was kind of interesting."

Afterlife also explores the softer side of Alice. She's been experimented on by the Umbrella Corp. and on the run for three films, spanning many years. Now it's time to make new friends.

"She's nicer, I think," Jovovich said. "She is a nice person, and she's fun. I think now that she's defeated the control that Umbrella has on her; she's kind of more of a regular person in the sense that she's not so scared to make ties with people and become friends with people because she knows that they're going to be killed by Umbrella if they're close to her. It gives her a new freedom as a human being to just be more open to people around her, which I think is great, because the last few films, she has been so closed off and trying to deal with the virus and deal with this satellite control that they have, so it's made her much more of a loner. I think in this one she opens up more and is able to accept people into her life, which is wonderful."

Claire, on the other hand, is having a rough time. "When you meet Claire, she's lost her memory, so she has to revert to pure survival instincts and figure out who she can trust," Larter said. "That's kind of the journey she goes on in Afterlife. I think a lot of it, thematically, is just that you really see she has to figure out who she can trust in this world and who's the player and who's on her team. It's interesting to watch her develop in that."

Resident Evil: Afterlife is in theaters Sept. 10.

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