Resident Evil: The Final Chapter unveils final trailer at New York Comic Con

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Oct 7, 2016, 4:46 PM EDT

Crafting a successful video game movie has proven a challenge for Hollywood, but there's one franchise that has somehow managed to endure through five films: Resident Evil. Whatever your feelings on the quality of Paul W.S. Anderson's take on Capcom's smash hit survival horror series (some people love 'em, some people hate 'em), there's no doubt that Milla Jovovich's Alice and her adventures have carved out their own niche in the cinematic universe.

In 2017, however, the franchise will come to a close (this incarnation, anyway) with Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, in which Alice returns to the ruins of Raccoon City and has her final showdown with the Red Queen and the Umbrella Corporation. In celebration of this impending milestone, Anderson and Jovovich took the stage at Madison Square Garden for the movie's New York Comic Con panel, joined by franchise vet Ali Larter and newcomers Eoin Mackey and William Levy, to unveil a new trailer and talk about putting a bow on a 14 year-old (!) story and bask in some fan love.

First, the trailer, showcasing a ruined world and an Alice on a mission. Plenty of zombie action ensues, of course...check it out yourself below.


After a rousing reception for that footage, the group took the stage to talk about what fans can expect from The Final Chapter. According to Anderson, he wanted to return to the roots of the series - a more horror vibe that evokes the claustrophobia of the first film, which is why we'll return to the Hive and Raccoon City. The director made a point of calling this the scariest Resident Evil movie, yet, and, in fact called it the most terrifying stuff he's put on screen in his career; no small claim from the director of Event Horizon.

But don't think that means we won't see plenty of action - we were laughingly treated to a story about Anderson's direction during a dialogue scene: "Needs more guns." Every member of the cast on stage had a story about some of the over-the-top gunplay and stunt work that went into the film, from Larter's story of swimming through swamps to Mackey's discussion of a particularly intense rooftop battle against a horde of zombies.

Beyond discussing the upcoming movie, this panel also served as something of a victory lap for the Resident Evil team, and Jovovich made a point of talking about how Alice and her cohorts have helped pave the way for the modern wave of badass female well as the zombie craze, which wasn't really a thing back when this series launched.

Will Resident Evil: The Final Chapter satisfy fans and put a cap on the story of Alice and the Red Queen? If the vibe at the Garden was any indication, there's an audience ready - zombie-level hungry, even - to find out.

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