Revealed: We almost got to see a LIVE episode of Doctor Who

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Jul 8, 2013, 1:37 PM EDT (Updated)

A live Doctor Who episode? According to frequent Who writer Mark Gatiss, it almost happened.

Speaking at the Paris Comic Con, the Sherlock co-creator revealed that former Doctor Who showrunner Russell T Davies once considered doing a live Doctor Who episode.

“I seem to remember Russell harbouring a desire to do a live Doctor Who. ‘Forty-five minutes to save the world!’ I remember David [Tennant] blanching when he was telling me about it, even though we'd done The Quatermass Experiment… It's possible. It would probably have to be a very contained thing where the Doctor was trying to get out of a lift or something.”

However, asked by fellow site Blogtor Who if they’d consider doing a live Sherlock episode (which is 90 minutes long and contains lots of prattle for main star Benedict Cumberbatch to remember), Gatiss replied: "Ooof, not for Sherlock! I'm going grey just at the prospect! Absolutely not.”

What do you guys think? Would you love to see a live Doctor Who episode? Do you think it could be feasible, or do you believe that the fact it’s sci-fi and (usually) has lots of techno-babble it could turn it into a bit of a misfire? But we guess that if ER could do it (and twice on the same evening, at that), Doctor Who could do it, too.

(via Radio Times)

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