REVEALED: How season 3 of Dollhouse would have been like Buffy

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:31 PM EST

Dollhouse lasted only two seasons, but what would have happened in the subterranean wish-fulfillment complex had Fox given it one more year's worth of airtime? Producer and writer Tim Minear tells all.

Minear, who also wrote and produced episodes of other Joss Whedon shows, Angel and Firefly, told Assignment X that the problem with a character who can't remember her actions becomes "a little boring for the audience." The writers then inverted the character's flaw.

Said Minear:

So when we started allowing her to remember things, and then started taking the concept and making it into what her superpower was, it started turning into something else. I think what you would have seen in Season Three is [a series] a lot more embracing of its mythology and turned into more of a superhero show. It would have been a little bit more like Buffy in some ways.

Although Echo would have had no vampires to fight, she could have actively drawn upon the powerful abilities she learned at high speed. And after 38 personalities, she had many heroic talents to choose from: negotiations, hand-to-hand combat and survival skills, to name a few. It would have been wonderful to have seen them put to good use.

Another Mutant Enemy show about a girl who kicks ass? It sounded too good to be true, and sadly it was.