REVEALED: Is this The Dark Knight Rises' new Batcave?

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Dec 15, 2012

Some new pics of what may be Batman's (Christian Bale) new Batcave in director Christopher Nolan's upcoming opus The Dark Knight Rises have found their way online. And holy c**p, Batman: It looks awesome!

According to DarkKnightRisesRumors these pics are of the Turda Salt Mines in Romania, and they think it's likely that the mines will be a standin for the Batcave—though nothing has been officially confirmed yet.

They also report that it's been confirmed that Warner Bros. are already building a small-scale Batcave at their studios, but that many of the scenes may be shot at the Turda Salt Mines.

But that's just the interior. A Brecon Beacons waterfall in Wales will be doubling for the entrance to the Batcave, as reported by Wales Online here.

Back to looking at the Turda Salt Mines site, it's no wonder they may have picked this place as a stand-in for our brooding hero's lair. It's already looking Batman-ish enough ... it almost feels like something right out of the Batman: Arkham Asylum and the upcoming Batman: Arkham City games.

Basically, there's no need to dress up the place too much as it is (but no doubt they will): It's got style, it's got flair, it's got lots and lots of space to stow away Bruce Wayne's little toys—especially the Batmobile and his new awesome Batwing, don't you think?

Still, we want to remind you that nothing has been confirmed yet, so take this news with a small pinch of salt until we have a final word on this.

(via Comic Book Movies)

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