REVEALED: What was in Bryan Singer's failed Trek TV series pitch

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Dec 14, 2012

Just a few days ago, we told you that CBS/Paramount had rejected Star Trek TV pitches from William Shatner and Jonathan Frakes—as well as from Bryan Singer—before J.J. Abrams successfully brought the franchise back with 2009's Star Trek. Now there are some cool details on Singer's failed Star Trek TV pilot proposal.

This info comes from someone going by the name of Solomon Short, who wrote to Herc over at Ain't it Cool News after the story broke. HOWEVER—be aware that the guy admitted he didn't read the script (though he held the precious thing in his hands) and he instead heard the details from his friend.

But what he reported about the script is quite (yes, we'll say it) fascinating:

Many years ago I sat in a friend's office and held the script for the proposed Trek series pilot, but did not have time to read it. If memory serves me correctly, this is what I recall getting out of my friend about the series. Begin brief...

The Singer universe was written before the Abrams reboot and follows the original Trek timeline.

We are somewhere just beyond the 30th century.

The Klingons are less warrior-like and more political.

The Romulans and Vulcans completed reunification and are busy with that (obviously this doesn't take into account Romulus's destruction).

And the Federation has expanded through a huge portion of the galaxy -- so far in fact, transmissions from the frontier to Starfleet HQ takes years at subspace frequencies.

Ships sent to these distant areas of the galaxy are near autonomous, expanding the Federation while exploring new worlds and civilizations unknown to the Trek universe.

In a way, this parallels Voyager exploring the far Delta quadrant and DS9's wormhole access to the Gamma quadrant, except our hero ship is not trying to go home, yet the crew is literally on thier own to deal with whatever gets thrown in the way, while still making headway on thier mission of exploration and expansion.

I cannot comment on the principal characters or the story itself, as I did not read the script, nor do I recall where in the galaxy this takes place (i.e. what quadrant).

As I said, a few years have passed and I may be off on a couple details. Hope this is of interest,

Solomon Short

So—taking this all with a grain of salt, what do you think? Would you have liked to see Bryan Singer's take on the Star Trek universe?

(via UGO)

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