What Ridley Scott refused to do for the Prometheus Blu-ray release

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Dec 17, 2012

Ridley Scott's Prometheus came out with a big helping of hype, but it left some fans underwhelmed when it came to answers. With the Blu-ray release tomorrow, we've been promised answers—but there's one thing we won't be getting. Though it's not because the studio didn't try.

Charles De Lauzirika, who worked on the special features for the DVD release, revealed during a promo event that Fox asked Scott to make an extended director's cut for the home release, considering there are 35 minutes of alternate and deleted scenes included.

Turns out we've already seen the director's cut in theaters, and Scott has no plans to change that.

Here's the report, via Bleeding Cool:

"According to De Lauzirika, Scott was asked by Fox to make a new cut of the film for Blu-ray but refused, saying the theatrical version is his Director's Cut. There are some 35 minutes of altered, extended and unseen scenes in the set, but not edited into the film because Scott didn't want them in the film."

You have to respect Scott for leaving well enough alone with his vision. But I wonder how long it'll take for an intrepid fan to chop in some of those missing scenes and make our very own "extended" cut?

What do you think? Do you wish Scott had made a director's cut, or were you a fan of the theatrical version?

(Via Bleeding Cool)