Revealing new Game of Thrones FX clip shows how to build a dragon

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Sep 17, 2013

We already know that Game of Thrones has some of the most distinct visuals on TV, but how exactly do they make those badass dragons? Like this.

An awesome, new FX clip has been released, breaking down how the effects crew puts together those lifelike dragon designs that blend right in to the rest of the world. It’s fascinating to see the layers peeled off, and put back on.

It’s Art Mag also scored an interview with Pixomondo VFX supervisor Steve Martin, who explained what inspired their very distinct dragon designs:

“Main approach to create believable creatures was to study and imitate real living animals. Also we build up our dragons from ‘insight out’ starting with a anatomical correct skeleton, building muscles and skin above. While the skin tones are a mixture of existing reptiles, the body proportions mimic bird-like animals to make them fly when they are getting older. As with the modeling and design we referenced a variety of different flying animals and used the most interesting parts for our animation. While adopting the flight behaviors from bats till eagles we always had to maintain a believable mixture.”

Check out the VFX video breakdown below and let us know what you think:

(Via It’s Art Mag)

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