Revel in this fantastic Flash Gordon Classic animated short by Disney's Robb Pratt

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May 12, 2015, 11:13 AM EDT (Updated)

Here's an amazing hand-drawn animated short resurrecting the Flash Gordon serials and comic strips of yesteryear by veteran Disney animator Robb Pratt (Tarzan, Hercules, Pocahontas). 

Pratt has released two previous animated fan-films as an ode to the Man of Steel with Superman Classic and Bizarro Classic, and this time he turns his talents to the magic and romance of galactic hero Flash Gordon through the ages.  His new Flash Gordon Classic utilizes the vintage music of old Buster Crabbe serials and stars the vocal talents of the 2007-2008 Flash Gordon TV series' Eric Johnson, with Flash and Dr. Hans Zarkov transported to the planet Mongo, where they enter a gladiatorial arena to battle an alien creature under the control of Ming the Merciless.

"I love the traditional animated art form," says Pratt. "As an adult, I stopped believing in magic a long time ago -- but the closest thing to it for me is a moving drawing that is alive and breathing! I stay up late and work on these fan films just for the fun of it, and they give me great pleasure."

Have a look at this animation gem and tell us if you'd love to see a Flash Gordon feature materialize in Pratt's old-fashioned style someday.

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