Revel in glorious geek nostalgia with digital archive of Nintendo Power’s first decade

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Aug 3, 2016, 2:11 PM EDT (Updated)

For gamers of a certain age, there was one magazine that was almost certainly a stalwart — Nintendo Power. So, want to relive 13 years of glorious vintage video game greatness? 

The online repository has made the first issue from July 1988 all the way through issue No. 145 in June 2001 available to read. For free. Right now. From Mega Man to Mario, Zelda and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (and everything else in between) — they’re all here, with game previews and vintage interviews galore. Seriously, you could pull this up on your iPad and not come back out of the rabbit hole for a few days (we’re kinda partial to the May 1992 cover, for what it’s worth).

These mags track the trajectory of Nintendo from the days of the NES through the Super Nintendo, the ill-fated Virtual Boy (take that, Oculus Rift!) and all the way to the N64 and launch of the Gameboy Advance. It's a living history of one of the companies that shaped and molded an industry, reveling in hope (sometimes blind hope, see: Virtual Boy) and worth reliving for any fan.

Dive in and let us know which classic Nintendo story you’re digging on.

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