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Revenge and justice are the takeaways from this week's The Walking Dead

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Oct 22, 2018, 4:56 PM EDT (Updated)

In This Episode...

The Saviors are getting a little squirrely. Justin is found dead (well, zombified) from an arrow wound. A fight breaks out at the work camp, with accusations being thrown wildly: first at Daryl, then at Anne. A very low-rent "Battle of the Bastards" breaks out, and Rick breaks it up. The anger seems to be that the Saviors just want guns, like everyone else has. Rick still doesn't trust them, but is worried that without them, they will walk off the job site.

While out on patrol, Bea is knocked out and Arat disappears. A quick meeting with the "elders" (Rick, Daryl, Carol, etc.) has Rick uninterested in blaming the Saviors -- yet. Everyone pairs off with someone they trust and goes looking for Arat. Rick and Carol pair up and are led into a trap by Judd and DJ, who make zombie noises to lure them in. Judd insists they are only killing "who they need to," and that this is all about guns. They want 'em. Judd takes Carol hostage; she stabs him with a knife until he releases her. Rick still believes he is worth saving and encourages Judd to seek out medical care with Siddiq.


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Maggie and Daryl find a zombie with an arrow in it. It clicks with Daryl -- he knows who killed Justin, and the others. He leads Maggie to a rehab center, where they find Cyndie and Bea with Arat. Arat is on her knees, a gun to her head. Arat was the last of the Saviors who attacked the Oceanside community, slaughtering all their men. Bea's husband and Cyndie's 11-year-old brother were among those killed. Arat begs for her life, claiming she only did it because Simon made her, but Cyndie makes her repeat what she told her little brother before she killed him. "No exceptions," says Arat with a sigh. Maggie and Daryl walk away after hearing this, and Cyndie kills Arat.

Anne has gone back to the trash heap and finds a walkie-talkie that she has hidden away. She announces herself as Jadis, and asks the male on the other end if he "took them." The man says he has had no "pick-ups" but the deal still stands. Anne/Jadis says she has paid her share, but asks what it will take to clear the debts, an A or a B? An A. Gabriel followed her there, like a lovesick puppy, and asks what is going on. She admits she has done bad things, traded people for supplies, which offends Gabriel. Anne backs up, saying she tried to be good, tried to fit in, but the first thing that goes wrong, and everyone turns on her. Everyone except Gabriel. Anne wants him to come with her to this "other" place. Gabriel declines, insisting that he must tell Rick. Anne is offended that he won't choose her and knocks Gabriel out. "All this time  I thought you were a B," she says.


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Rick wants another baby.

I sense that this is destined for heartbreak. Michonne seemed hesitant when Rick mentioned "building a future." Maybe she still isn't over the heartbreak of losing her pre-apocalypse child. Maybe she doesn't like the idea of raising a child in the apocalypse. Or maybe she just has found something else that is more important to her: building a new society. Besides Michonne's hesitancy, Rick seemed to make the suggestion out of desperation. The society he is trying to build is already starting to crumble, before it even begins. I think Rick sees a baby as something that he has a better chance of succeeding in.

Eating a tomato like a hand fruit

I hate tomatoes, so this just creeps me out.

Maggie is changing

She is angry and less likely to give someone the benefit of the doubt. When Cyndie tells Maggie that, after she hanged Gregory, Maggie "showed them the way." They didn't have to follow Rick. Maggie seems kind of horrified at this prospect... but by the end of the episode, she seems to have accepted this and seems to be straying toward the Negan side of things. In fact, at the episode's end, Maggie decides it's time for her and Daryl to meet with Negan, in the Alexandria jail. I think we are supposed to think that she is going to confront him, maybe kill him for killing Glenn, but I truly believe that she is going to meet with Negan so she can, in effect, become the next Negan. She wants advice on setting up her new, Negan-style neighborhood.

Anne. What's up with that?

You can take a girl out of the trash pile, but apparently you can't take the trash pile out of the girl. So she is still hiding stuff, and we have to figure out what this A and B thing is. I am once again intrigued by Anne/Jadis.


Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC