Revenge is at hand in Orphan Black's "The Mitigation of Competition"

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Jun 10, 2016, 12:06 AM EDT

Spoilers to follow for Orphan Black Season 4, Episode 9 "The Redesign Of Natural Objects"

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Forget everything else...HELENA IS BACK!!! This is the greatest news and will only lead to wonderful things for everyone.


Where has Helena been staying since she left the Hendrix household? The woods, of course. What has she been eating? Fresh kills of course! Helena, pregnant, wearing animal skins, and carrying a dead deer is not an image I'm going to forget any time soon. I hope someone cosplays this. 

She puts in a call to Sarah because, while she hasn't been answering their calls, she did want to check in. She's instantly knows something is up with the Sestras, and I'm sure she's packing to come back to civilization immediately.

Rachel & Evie:

Rachel is experiencing more visions, the latest is the man beckoning her to a cabin in the woods. She still can't make much out of them, unfortunately. She does have a new vision of a whole camp, though, which is new, as well. She and Ira see Evie on TV giving an interview about trying to revitalize the city of Tisdale with a Brightborn research facility and walk-in clinic. If only the interviewer thought to ask her specifically about her top secret evil plan for world domination!

Felix and Sarah come by to discuss a plan, and Rachel and Ira let her know just how serious Evie's maggot-bot implants for gene therapy could be. Not only will they be able to alter the carrier's DNA however they want, they can also change children's DNA, too, without consent. Two carriers, Tabitha and Kendra, fled, and Rachel tasks Felix and Sarah with finding them to uncover Evie's work. They'll do it, but without Ira. 



Donnie finally makes bail and immediately grabs Alison's butt, because "Daddy needs his conjugal." Donnie, that is not how that works but you are oh, so predictable and adorable. 

We find out they've send the kids to Florida to keep them safe from all this current nonsense, and Adele drops by the house to help with the case, again...only they keep saying the wrong things, like mentioning the dearly departed Duko, and she's getting suspicious. Felix has to keep stepping in to cover it all up, and he's also the only one to notice there were plain clothes police keeping watch outside. Neo-friendlies, I assume.

M.K. & Evie:

We don't actually get to see M.K. in this episode, but considering Evie gets a blackmail video of Brightborn killing newborns with the message, "leave us alone or the whole video goes online," it's safe to say her influence was felt. Evie and her cohort still don't know what happened to Duko, but they send Roxie and Frank on a job. 

Sarah & Co.:

Art is helping Clone Club look into the missing Brightborn women: One was pregnant, and one had a newborn with her. Sadly, they find the pregnant one dead at a nearby women's shelter, and the Neo-friendly police are calling it a suicide. Sarah, as Beth, spots Trina and manages to get info on where the other one, Kendra, might be. On their way, they get a call from Rachel, who seemingly gives them different information, which Sarah promptly ignores. It's OK, though, because Ira was just using it to trace the call. I'm still not super sold on the Rachel/Ira team, but at least they seem to be working seamlessly together.

Felix is trying to smooth things over with a drunk Adele when a fur-covered Helena strolls into his apartment. OK, for real now, guys, Adele is getting pissed. Helena, concerned for her family's safety with this stranger, picks up a knife and tells Adele, "You have a loud voice." To which Adele replies, "Did you just step up to me, little triplet?" It is so cute she thinks she stands a chance against Helena. Felix lets Adele know he cares, and that's why he doesn't want to pull her into the drama. She decides it's best if she leaves town for a while, and I wouldn't be surprised if that's her season exit. Clone Club has serious work to wrap up.



Speaking of which, Cosima and Susan are hard at work over microscopes working to fertilize the LEDA egg with Castor sperm. HELL YEAH, SCIENCE!!! Cosima is actually starting to look as bad as she feels, and I swear to God, they need to get Delphine there immediately, or I will riot. 

Susan tries to take Cosima's mind off impending death by letting her flip through “On the Science of Neolution” by P.T. Westmoreland, and soon Charlotte introduces herself. Cosima tells her the book is overwhelming, but Charlotte really likes the map of the island (which she states is almost 4 billion years old and consists of Precambrian rock) that's included. Cosima mostly thinks Westmoreland was a racist blowhard who thought poverty is genetic, but now I'm thinking about Lost and all sorts of weird thoughts are popping in my head.


Sarah & Co.:

Sarah and Art manage to find Kendra and her blind baby at an abandoned house. She's suspicious of them at first, but also desperate to keep her (and another child of her's) safe. Upon informing Rachel of the developments, Sarah hangs up on her for recommending blackmail. She quickly puts in a call to Ira to start their contingency plan, which is luring Kendra away with threats toward her other child. It works, and Kendra misses Roxie and another Neolution guy, who Art is able to apprehend. He knows they won't last long in jail, but he'll find out about more dirty cops at his precinct once he sees to let them go. Good going, Art!


Donnie gets his sex with Alison, who insists he not use the word God any more while they do the deed and wants him to pray with her immediately after. She's really trying to get back her faith. They make a plan to get away, but not too far, because the police have Donnie's passport, but those plans go sideways when Frank shows up. He's got Donnie hogtied and threatens Alison with a glitchy maggot-bot. She prays, and her prayers are answered in the form of...(trumpets please) HELENA!!!!!!!! What method of death is she serving up this time? A bow and arrow through the throat! This looks like some twisted version of Moonrise Kingdom.


Rachel & Evie:

Rachel pays Evie a visit just before her big press conference with info about Kendra. She shows proof she's got her, and then tells her about the offense she caused by saying a clone would never be in power of Neolution. Oh oh oh, my God. Rachel's recording the whole conversation with a hidden necklace camera. GOTCHA! Sarah is proud and, I have to admit, so am I. The entire room of press gets the video. Evie is done. Rachel's visions aren't, though, and she insists to Ira someone is trying to tell her something and...French music is played quietly in a cabin


Best lines of the episode:

Alison - "Our lives are imploding and all you can think of is your skivvy?"

Rachel - "She put a pencil in my brain."

Helena - "Donnie Hendrix, you look like roast pig."

Worst decision: Adele trying to fight Helena.

Best performance: Lisa Cordington as Kendra