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Revengers (re)assemble! Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth show off their new Men in Black looks

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Sep 20, 2018, 5:13 PM EDT

For a top secret agency, the Men in Black seem like they may have a security leak. It's bad for them, but good for us — Thor himself, Chris Hemsworth, recently shared a photo from the set of the new reboot/continuation, and it just so happens to give us our first look at his partner in the film, Tessa Thompson

This is the first time since Thor: Ragnarok that the Revengers have re-assembled in any way, shape, or form, so it's cause to be excited. Though it is doubtful that this is secretly a stealth Revengers movie, we'll hold out hope if we want to. 

Posted to Hemsworth's Instagram page, the photo shows both Thompson and Hemsworth in the last suits they'll ever wear...minus the jackets. One of the hashtags that Hemsworth adds to the caption is "#revengers4life" so the reunion wasn't lost on him, either. 

This is the first image of Thompson that we are seeing from the new film, and she looks just like a member of this secret organization should...maybe a little better, actually. Those are certainly two good-looking agents.

The new film will also include Emma Thompson's Agent O from Men in Black 3, as well as Rebecca Ferguson, Liam Neeson, Kumail Nanjiani, and Rafe Spall. The film is still untitled, but the presence of Agent O lead us to think that it will not be a full-on reboot. 

Whatever it ends up being called, Thompson and Hemsworth will bring their comic chemistry to the screen when the movie debuts on June 14, 2019. There is no word yet as to whether or not Tom Hiddleston will have a cameo, but here's hoping. 

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