Reverie’s finale brings the season to a satisfying close while offering new mysteries

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Aug 8, 2018, 11:00 PM EDT

This week’s episode of Reverie, called “Point of Origin,” is the last of the season, and I will say, I’m going to miss it. I took a chance on Reverie based on the inclusive cast, and I found it thoughtful, provocative, heartwarming, and incredibly entertaining. I really appreciate how much the show and the characters have grown over the course of the season.

“Point of Origin” picks up right where the previous episode, “The Key,” left off, with Mara in a Reverie with Ray. Mara wants to know why Ray murdered her sister and niece, but it also seems like she needs something from Ray that he can’t give her. He explains that he was embarrassed because he’d lost his job and now he was losing his family and thought that everyone would be better off if they were dead. It’s incredibly selfish and ridiculous, and Mara tells Ray that he didn’t have the right to make that decision for everyone. He knows that, and he tells Mara that she didn’t convince him to commit suicide. She just gave him permission to do what he wanted to do — and still wants.

Meanwhile, Alexis goes home to celebrate her birthday with her family. (SHE IS ONLY 25?? WHAT HAVE I BEEN DOING WITH MY LIFE???) She asks them why there aren’t more pictures of Dylan around the house and why his name isn’t on the cake too. They tell her that they did what they had to do in order to help her get past his death and not to feel guilt over it. The thing is, it’s clear that Dylan’s death is a sticking point for Alexis. Despite what her parents have done, she has been living with his death every day for all these years. But before we can hear more about Dylan, Hill shows up at Alexis’ parents’ house and kidnaps her. Her parents raise the alarm to Charlie at Onira Tech.


Mara and Paul head back to HQ, and they discover that Alexis has logged into Reverie on an inactive server. Mara goes in to find her (which means Hill must be logged out, given that only two people can be in a 2.0 Reverie at once), and what she discovers is pretty terrifying — a manifestation of some of Hill’s derealizations (no wonder the guy is unbalanced). Inside the program, Mara and Alexis face one of Alexis’ worst fears: that Reverie is something that will divide people, not help them. Mara explains to Alexis what happened with Ray, and how her derealizations actually helped her.

They manage to escape, and in the meantime, Paul has realized that Hill has source code access to Reverie and the building through Dylan. He’s turned off the air conditioning and is trying to overheat the servers. The problem is, if they crash, it could cause brain damage to the thousands of people currently connected to the program.


However, they quickly discover that Hill actually wants to physically burn down the building, and he’s locked them all out of the server room. But Alexis still has access because he’s using her key, so Mara and Charlie go in to stop him. It seems like Hill is listening to what Mara has to say, but he lights the fire anyway.

The aftermath

Here’s where things stand for the second season (if we get one, which I’m really hoping we do): Hill is still alive but in bad shape. He appeared to be badly burned, plus Charlie shot him. Reverie had to be taken down for a few weeks, and Alexis made modifications based on Mara’s experiences with 2.0 to reduce derealization issues. The new software is back up and running. There were fewer than 1,000 people inside Reverie at the time that Hill took it down, and they’re all being monitored.

Alexis (who I didn’t talk about much in earlier recaps, but has become my favorite character — kudos to Jessica Lu for putting on an amazing performance week after week) has also realized she needs to let Dylan go. After finally telling the story of what really happened to her brother, she updates the AI with an adult male voice.

Finally, Mara goes back in and gives Ray what he needs — a picture of her sister and Brynn, so he can remember them. Shortly after that, he dies. Mara and Paul have quite the moment in her office — it seems as though that relationship might finally develop further if the series does get a new season.

A new mystery

Reverie mostly wrapped up its ongoing Season 1 storylines, which I appreciate. But it did introduce a new mystery. Once Reverie is back up and running, Paul notices something strange: Mara is logged in. But Mara is standing right there in front of him. Then the camera cuts to a haggard and exhausted Mara still inside Hill’s nightmare/Alexis’ prison. She’s clearly some derealized version of Mara, but what does it mean?

Hopefully, NBC will give us a second season so we can find out.

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