Reverse-Flash Tom Cavanagh promises 'huge risks', epic face off with Flash, Arrow and Firestorm

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Jun 15, 2016, 4:45 PM EDT (Updated)

We already knew the Flash team would pull our all the stops for the season-one finale, and star Tom Cavanagh promises it's even bigger than we'd hoped.

Cavanagh, who plays Dr. Harrison Wells/Eobard Thawne/Reverse Flash on the hit CW series, chatted with Entertainment Weekly about what fans can expect in the season-one finale, which airs one week from tonight. Considering all the stories they have to pay off, the least of which is the Flash's faceoff with Reverse-Flash, the actor said it's going to be epic.

Specifically, Cavanagh opened up about the battle we've seen teased in a few recent trailers — namely, the team-up among the Flash, Arrow and Firestorm to take on Reverse-Flash. Hey, the future baddie has managed to take down Barry every time they've fought, so why not bring some friends along this time?

Here's an excerpt from his comments:

"As it is, I can say we've invested 20 hours+ in the bank and now we're taking it out. We understand that there is going to be a lot of expectation and anticipation. We spent a lot of time doing this face-off. We understand that when you have gunslingers facing off against each other, you don't do that at the beginning of the show, you do that at the end of the show. We put a lot of work, choreography and man hours into the fight. It ended up being really enjoyable. Not to put words in the viewers' mouths, but I hope they're as pleased as we are…

We already have super speed versus me. They've got different things. All of their powers play in crucial fashion and in exactly the way Barry couldn't do on his own. In collaboration with one another, as a three-headed monster, it makes them formidable…

Barry has learned a little bit, over the course of the last five or six episodes, about how messing with time is dangerous. I don't think anybody knows that better than Eobard, who has come from another time far, far away. Essentially, Eobard is much more knowledgeable about Barry. There are huge risks involved. We're trying to ramp up the risk factor to an intolerable degree. I hope very much that we've succeeded, because while we were doing it, it was very gratifying."

The Flash's season finale airs next week on The CW, and the penultimate episode airs tonight. What do you want to see?

(Via Entertainment Weekly)