Review: Celebrate a new Doctor by owning the first two Whos

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Dec 14, 2012, 3:54 PM EST

At the start of the year, producers of the wildly popular TV show Doctor Who announced that David Tennant, one of the most beloved actors to play the role of the Doctor since the show started in 1963, would be replaced by unknown Matt Smith, the youngest actor to take the role so far. Tennant will meet his end as the Doctor in a special episode to be released later this year. Smith will take over in a regular season in 2010.

Perhaps one of the best ways to hail the arrival of the newbie is to collect two oldies—the first and second Doctors, played by William Hartnell in 1963 and Patrick Troughton in 1966.

These Doctors have been commemorated in the form of action figures before, but never so perfectly. In two Comic-Con Exclusive packs, Character Options and Underground Toys have released the first Doctor with one of the nastier villains he's ever faced—a Dalek. And not just any Dalek. This one is accurately painted to portray the colors used in the then-black-and-white TV show—black, silver and sky blue—and includes a special radar dish on his back.

Hartnell's Doc is wearing his checked pants with his topcoat, vest and necktie. Gorgeously painted, even the rims of his eyelids are pink, making him look tired and haggard—which he was. He comes equipped with his rough-hewn cane.

Troughton, looking ever like one of the Marx brothers in his tightly checked pants and long coat, comes with his recorder, which he often played to help him think. He comes with a fantastic depiction of one of the original, classic Cybermen, a villain Doctor Who has faced many times and will no doubt face again.

If that's not cool enough, special limited editions of these sets exist painted in gray tones in homage to the black-and-white origins of the TV show. Only 1,250 of each B&W set were made.

So in time to see the 10th Doctor become the 11th Doctor, get the first and second now while you can! And don't worry about them being Comic-Con exclusives. They're available in plenty of specialty stores, and easily available online.