Review: Satan's son cancels his road trip as Reaper returns

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Dec 14, 2012, 3:54 PM EST

What's a slacker to do when he finds out that beyond being the Devil's bounty hunter, he's also Satan's son? Go on a road trip with his best buds, of course.

When The CW's devilish comedy Reaper returns for its second season with "Episode 201: Episode IV: A New Hope," Sam, Sock and Ben have been on the road for four weeks while Sam tries to deal with events that lead him to believe that his father is dead (which he isn't) and that he is actually the son of the Devil (which he may be).

The guys head home when Sam (Bret Harrison) discovers that Sock (Tyler Labine) never sent Sam's letter explaining his absence to Sam's girlfriend, Andi (Missy Perergrym). Once they get there, Sam discovers that Andi's angry, Sam's been thrown out of his apartment, and the guys have all been fired from the Work Bench. With nowhere to go, they do what any red-blooded slackers might do ... they break into the Work Bench to crash there.

Before Sam can say "Lucifer," the Devil's back and he has a job for the young bounty hunter. With his soul-catching vessel in hand (a cattle prod), Sam discovers he doesn't have just one soul to capture, he has 20 of the most vile, murderous souls that ever existed. Sam begins to wonder if the Devil (Ray Wise) is trying to kill him, if Andi will ever forgive him and if a beer-soaked all-nighter can help the guys come up with a plan to take down 20 souls with one cattle prod.

Meanwhile, Sock discovers he has a sister (played by Eriko Tamura), and he wrestles with whether to hit on his very hot sibling.

It's great to see Reaper back. And it's even better to see the irreverent comedy is as funny as it's ever been and that Sam gains some hope in the season premiere. The one challenge the series had during the first season was that Sam was a whiner. That's not to say that if you discovered your parents had sold your soul to the Devil you wouldn't have anything to complain about. But I like this new hopeful Sam better.

Those not familiar with season one should have no trouble getting up to speed. This isn't Shakespeare, after all. But Ray Wise's Devil and the three stooges (Sam, Sock and Ben) are a stitch to watch. There's no seriousness here.

The CW's Reaper premieres its second season on Tuesday, March 3, at 8 p.m. ET.