The reviews are in: So, is Fantastic Four actually any good?

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Aug 5, 2015

The folks at 20th Century Fox kept Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four reboot under wraps for as long as possible, but now some reviews are finally starting to trickle out ahead of the weekend opening. So, how is it?

There are only a small sampling of trade reviews out at the moment, along with a smattering of reviews from other movie news sites. The general consensus? The film isn’t very good, and apparently borders on terrible. One of the resounding refrains about the hour-and-a-half movie is that is essentially feels like an extended tease for another movie, with the interesting stuff hitting in the final minutes. Considering a sequel is far from guaranteed, that’s not a good thing.

We’ve pulled together some highlights from a few of the reviews floating around out there, and though it’s admittedly early, it sounds like this might not be the Fantastic Four film we’ve always been waiting for. Data-wise, the flick is sitting at a “Rotten” 17 percent on the review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes. Ouch. Producer Simon Kinberg promised the film wasn't " a disaster," but he never said it was great.

Check out the choice quotes below and let us know what you think:

“Even if lip-service is paid to some great threat to life on Earth as we know it, the filmmakers bring nothing new to the formula, resulting in a film that's all wind-up and no delivery. The fact that the writers couldn't think of anything interesting to do with these characters in this first series reboot does not bode well for any potential excitement in a sequel.” - Todd McCarthy, The Hollywood Reporter.

“Ultimately, Fox’s stab at reviving one of its inherited Marvel properties feels less like a blockbuster for this age of comics-oriented tentpoles than it does another also-ran — not an embarrassment, but an experiment that didn’t gel. And having seemingly missed twice in trying to get Fantastic Four right, the studio, unlike Reed, might want to think seriously before making any more trips back to the drawing board.” - Brian Lowry, Variety.

“It’s one thing for a movie to leave you wanting a sequel and quite another to make you wish you were watching that sequel instead. Fantastic Four — the second attempt by Fox and the third by Hollywood in general to bring Marvel Comics’ popular superteam to the big screen — offers glimmers of good things to come in its final moments, but only after the audience has slogged through yet another dispiriting origin story and yet another Earth-rescuing battle in a bland, CG-created nowhere land.” - Alonso Duralde, The Wrap.

“In the face of such bad buzz, it's hard not to feel a little sorry for the finished product, which is a harmless and endearingly cartoonish throwback to more simple comic book movie times.” - Emma Dibdin, Digital Spy.

Do you plan on checking out the film this weekend? How do you think it'll do at the box office?


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