Revisit 10 great sci-fi moments from 50 years of James Bond movies

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Dec 5, 2014

James Bond does some of his best work with nothing but a gun, a tuxedo and a martini, but over more than five decades, the world's greatest secret agent has also seen his fair share of technology that's a little out there. From invisible cars to killer satellites to underwater cities, James Bond's always been quite comfortable going from spy to superspy. 

Yesterday, the title and cast for the 24th canonical James Bond film, Spectre, was announced, and we'll get to see it on the big screen next year. Naturally, thinking about future Bond also made us think about past Bond, and since sci-fi is kinda always on our minds, we also started thinking about some of the crazier gadgets and plots in Bond movie history. So we rounded up 10 super-cool sci-fi Bond moments (plus a bonus moment) and put some clips in the gallery below. Check it out.

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