Revolution exec reveals exactly when we'll learn the blackout secret

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Mar 4, 2013, 10:29 AM EST

Think Revolution is going to pull a Lost and keep you guessing for years about the central mystery? Think again.

It might’ve been NBC’s biggest hit of the fall, but that didn’t stop the producers behind Revolution from retooling the show over its recent hiatus. The writers say they’ll be answering a lot of questions sooner rather than later—including the cause of the blackout.

Producer Eric Kripke recently participated in a panel to discuss the back half of season one, and explained how the events of the midseason finale essentially left the writers with no choice but to start doling out some answers.

Here’s an excerpt from TV Line:

In fact, the answer [to the cause of the blackout] will come as soon as Episode 13 of this season (which resumes March 25 with Episode 11). And while it might seem like that’s too quick to give away one of the show’s biggest mysteries, the EP said they couldn’t keep skirting around it since “Rachel would know” the answer and has no reason not to tell the others.

“It opens the door to a bigger story and a bigger mystery,” Kripke teased, adding that drama will have a “much more epic scope” as the revolution against Monroe really heats up. “The fights get bigger, the emotion gets more fraught,” he continued.

It sounds like the writers are trying to keep the big mysteries rolling and focus more on the characters moving forward. Let's just hope it doesn’t go the way of recent one-season wonders The Event and Flashforward, which flamed out quickly after some midseason retooling.

Kripke’s proven he can build a compelling mythology with his long-running CW series Supernatural by focusing on the small moments, and promises he’ll do the same with Revolution:

“Every question that has been asked, at least certainly in the first 10 [episodes], we answer it before the end of the season — and still allow for a lot more questions and interesting developments to happen. Why did Rachel slap Miles? What is their history about? Where’s Grace right now? What’s Randall want from her? What turned Miles and Monroe against each other?”

The show finally returns March 25. Will you be watching?

(Via TV Line)