Revolution producer explains more about that shocking death (and resurrection)

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Sep 26, 2013

We knew the producers of NBC’s Revolution were planning a semi-reset for the start of season two, but what we didn’t expect was that WTF twist that closed out the premiere. So what does it mean?

Spoilers ahead for Revolution’s season two premiere!

Producer Eric Kripke opened up about the episode in a chat with TV Line, and was kind enough to address Aaron’s (Zak Orth) shocking death — and even more shocking resurrection in the closing seconds. Viewers: get ready for a new, bug mystery.

Not surprisingly, Kripke says Aaron's lengthy experience in the great beyond will have a major impact on the character's arc this season, as he tries to figure out what the heck happened to him and how he came back. It’s nice to see the writers giving Aaron a centerpiece storyline, as he eventually grew into a fan favorite during season one.

Here’s what Kripke had to say:

“He was dead for two hours, so he went through something. And that’s really the kickoff for his storyline this year, because he goes through this impossible, absolutely incredible phenomenon, an inexplicable experience, so what does that do to him? It all sets him off to investigate what happened to him and unravel that mystery.”

Considering Aaron is being stalked by glowing fireflies, we’re thinking those nanomachines that keep the power off might have something to do with the apparent miracle. Kripke says that's certainly a possibility, but he teases the group’s actions in the tower last season might’ve done a lot more damage to the world than anybody thought:

“We have a lot of good mystery questions this year. There’s the action part of the show, the warlord, the Patriots and what they want, but then there’s this Bad Robot ‘frosting’ of mystery. And for us, it’s: What are those fireflies? What happened in the Tower? And what’s up with the rats [seen in an upcoming episode]? Something is happening in nature that is the result of something that has gone very wrong.”

What did you think of the season premiere? Is the series on the right track? 

(Via TV Line)

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