Revolution star explains that shocking death (and teases what comes next)

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Apr 3, 2014, 4:09 PM EDT (Updated)

The writers behind NBC’s Revolution haven’t been shy when it comes to killing main characters, and another one just bit the dust. So, what comes next?

Spoilers ahead for last night’s Revolution!

J.D. Pardo’s character Jason Neville has been grappling with some brainwashing, and he went all psycho killer on Charlie (Tracy Spiridakos) in last night’s episode. Luckily for Charlie, she can fend for herself, and the fight ended with her plugging a bullet into her former pal. So long, Jason.

Spiridakos opened up to TV Line about the scene and the effect it’ll have throughout the rest of the season:

“It was intense to film. All those parts were me. Even if you just see my face in certain parts of the close-up, that was JD there with his hands [on my neck].  It was intense physically, it was intense emotionally, as it should be based on who it was…. I’m so glad that it was portrayed in that way…

It definitely affects her arc for the rest of the season and, hopefully, going into Season 3, I’m sure it will carry forward. It’s just one of those things that’s so tragic. And also the amount of guilt that she has from what happened definitely carries forward with her for the rest of the season.”

This death also raises the question exactly how papa Tom Neville (Giancarlo Esposito) will react when he finds out his son is (apparently) dead. Tom has always been a loose cannon, and his character is arguably one of the most entertaining on the show. Spiridakos wouldn’t say exactly how that plays out, but did offer a hint:

“I can’t tell you about how he’s going to react, but I can tell you they do come face-to-face. He’s looking for Jason, and obviously, Charlie knows what happened. It’s really intense. I’m looking forward to seeing it.”

The second season of Revolution has been hit and miss, but they’re at least trying some unique ideas with the series — and they’re not afraid to ax some regulars. But are you still watching?

(Via TV Line)

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