Revolution star explains why that sexy scene failed to make the final cut

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Oct 30, 2013, 12:07 PM EDT

The new season of Revolution has done a good job of resetting itself to focus on the mysterious new Patriot threat — but there was apparently one sexy storyline that got cut at the last minute. 

In a chat with TV Line, actress Elizabeth Mitchell (Rachel Matheson) explained a photo that has been making the rounds from a scene that was deleted from the fourth episode of season two. In it, Rachel is looking very snuggly with Miles (Billy Burke). Had it stayed in there, the shot would’ve served as a major kickstart to their mixed-up relationship (which has admittedly included a scattered kiss here and there).

Instead, the scene never happened — and we’re left wondering when the duo will finally make good on all that history, affection and chemistry.

Here’s how Mitchell explained the scene we’ll never see:

“The kiss! [Laughs] It happened right after I woke up [from recuperating] and met some of the Patriots. He pulls me into an alcove and we just start kissing. I loved it because I felt like that’s what you do in life — things get all crazy and you’re like, “Oh, hi! I missed you, too.” But they felt like the timing on it was weird. It was very sad for me to miss it, because it went along with my warped sense of the world … I imagine Rachel is like, “Heyyyyy!” [Laughs] All work and no play! Poor Rachel. You want her to grab any happiness she can. And I would love to see that, because that’s part of the humanity of it all. But we’ll see!”

It would’ve been an interesting direction if they had left the kiss in, but after seeing where the storyline jumped after that, it’s obvious to see why it landed on the cutting-room floor. There hasn’t been a lot of breathing room to deal with it, so it could’ve just seemed shoe-horned in.

What do you think? Should they have left the kiss in there?


(Via TV Line)