Revolution producer reveals why a MAJOR change was made to pilot

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Dec 17, 2012, 4:24 PM EST

You typically have a few tweaks between a pilot episode and actual series order when it comes to a TV show, as the pilot establishes a premise while subsequent episodes build on it. This season's early hit Revolution is the perfect example—and producer Eric Kripke has finally explained why one big change was made to recast a big reveal for episode two.

Spoilers ahead for the first two episodes of Revolution!

In a chat with TV Line, Kripke opened up about the twist that Charlie's long-lost mom Rachel is actually alive and being held at Gen. Monroe's (David Lyons) camp. As has been reported, the reveal originally came in the pilot—but when the character was recast from Andrea Roth to Lost's Elizabeth Mitchell, the writers opted to bump the scene to episode two and rewrite it.

The big change? In the original version, Rachel is revealed to be hanging out in Monroe's personal tent, which could be perceived in a sexy way. Kripke said the writers decided not to imply she could be in a relationship with Monroe, so the setting was switched. In the version that aired with Mitchell in the role Rachel is in her own tent, where she is being held prisoner.

As Kripke explains:

"We wanted to establish that character correctly, and my honest problem was that when she shows up in the tent in the [original] pilot, it's sort of implied that she's Monroe's lover. A little. And I don't know where that story goes! But I do know where a story goes where she's introduced in a very different way. We're launching that story in a different way with a different circumstance, which will give us a much cleaner line as we move forward with Rachel's story."
So it seems the writers decided to scrap the potential storyline of a Rachel/Monroe romance, instead casting them as old friends and giving Rachel a strong disdain for the man he has become.

What do you think of the change? Would you have preferred some romance?

(Via TV Line)