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Revolution's Billy Burke on tonight's 'brilliantly implosive' finale

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Jun 3, 2013

Get ready for an explosive, or perhaps "implosive," finale when season one of NBC's Revolution comes to a close tonight, said actor Billy Burke, who plays the rebel leader Miles Matheson on the science fiction series.

“You will see in this final episode that it all does culminate in the event that’s about to take place in the tower, and [we] all find out that what we’ve been fighting for all along may not be physically or spiritually what we thought we were fighting for,” said Burke, during a conference call with journalists. “Everything we’ve been fighting for comes into question.”

So far this season, Miles, Charlie and their group have battled to save Charlie's brother, who later died, and then set off to stop Monroe and turn the power back on after the 15-year blackout. Things are about to change, and another big confrontation between Miles and his former BFF and present archenemy, Bass Monroe, will be right at the center of things.

"It’s pretty safe to say that I don’t think that we’re going to end this season without some sort of final showdown” between the two, he said.

According to Burke, we'll also “find out Randall’s MO in this last episode,” and regarding the Rachel/Miles/Nora love triangle, “I think viewers kind of see the overall dynamic, no matter how oblique that might seem. But yes, you’ll start to get what’s happening, at least from where Miles is concerned.”

Last week we discovered that if the power was restored, it might set off a firestorm that would destroy the human race. In the previews, it looks like turning on the power might indeed have an undesirable effect.

“I think the final episode [addresses] how we all get to the end of this road and now have to think about internally why we’ve been fighting for so long, and that’s how it culminates. And I think it’s a great way to not only cap off this season but bring us into the next,” said Burke. “What happens after that, I don’t know. But it all comes to a big head.”

The finale is “I would say brilliantly implosive,” he said.

Creator Eric Kripke has admitted that not everyone will survive.

“The nature of the show is this: We’re all in precarious situations, and all in the same precarious situation collectively together. And the nature of the show is people are going to die in this scenario, [the world] being the way it is and the battles that we’re fighting. So I can’t speak to particular characters, one or the other, if they’re going to be around or not,” said Burke. “As the show goes on and moves into the second season, it’s my guess -- and I don’t know this for sure -- but it’s my guess that we’ll see new people, and we might be saying goodbye to some others, yes.”

NBC has renewed Revolution for a second season, and Burke admits, “I have zero idea what’s going to happen after this episode. I’ve not seen one line of one script for next season, so I don’t have a clue what we’re going to be going into.”

Revolution's finale, "The Dark Tower," airs tonight at 10 p.m. ET on NBC.

Does Revolution deserve a second season?

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