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Revolution's Monroe on the broken bromance that changed everything

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Mar 25, 2013, 6:28 PM EDT (Updated)

It's been four long months since Revolution took a break, and when the hit NBC series returns tonight expect General Sebastian “Bass” Monroe to get even crazier as he goes after the rebels with a vengeance, Australian actor David Lyons, who plays Monroe, said in an exclusive interview with Blastr.

In the midseason finale, “Nobody's Fault But Mine,” Monroe offered Miles (Billy Burke) a chance to repair their fractured bromance. “When Miles says to him, 'You're not my family, you mean nothing to me,' or words to that effect, it's coming from Miles to Monroe. There's no one on Earth that could have said anything that would have hurt him deeper. So that's the character shift in him in that moment,” said Lyons.

For the actor, that's a fascinating element to play. “It's the brothers' bond that is being [ripped apart]. I mean, neither of them asked to be placed in these circumstances, this scenario. The events which occurred blasted this relationship apart and set them on two ideological extremes. And I think that's a great focus point for any piece of drama, is two people that were once joined that have now been torn apart,” he said.

It's a no-win situation for either of them, said Lyons. “Which is great. To play with that concept, so long as you don't overplay it, is a beautiful thing.”

Monroe has become far more than just a bad guy, he said. He's developed into a bad guy with shades of gray.

"I consider Monroe as my hero,” said Lyons. “He's reached the pinnacle alone and realized that there's nothing there. It's empty. It's hollow. And I think that's a really fascinating point for anyone in life, but also for someone who's reached that point in such an extreme environment, and done so with so much blood and so much pain.”

Lyons equates Monroe's situation with “an old adage in Indonesia called 'riding the tiger,' which is that you have two options. One is hang on for dear life and the other is to get thrown and be eaten. I think there's an element of Monroe where he's hanging on and the tighter his grip, the more insane he becomes. And so that's what he's faced with. He's got to find new allies. And he will start to develop relationships with people that we know of in the storyline but that we haven't seen him encounter before. And I think that there's going to be, I believe in episode 15 ... there'll be quite a bit more character reveal for him.”

Now that the quest to save Danny is over, “the story can start exploding into really interesting areas. There's no linear trajectory,” said Lyons.

The revolution has been humming in the background, and it's starting to grow into a much louder chorus. And so it's at a stage now where I'm loving getting the scripts. I'm excited. It's incredibly secretive in the writers' room as to where we're going, so there are certain things that I don't know, obviously,” said Lyons. “But I went into the writers' room, and I had a look around the walls trying to pick up some info. But they're having a great time in there, just cracking people's backstories. I mean, I'm hoping as a result -– I'm quite sure it's certain -– that the reasons why Miles and Monroe split will be further explored.”

One thing that has delighted Lyons is the number of rich characters that have been developed in the series so far. “There's juicy stuff in there for a lot of actors to play. [Creator and executive producer] Eric [Kripke has] been fantastic in the way that he's been developing all the characters, twisting them and turning them in ways that allow us never to feel too stale, which is great,” said Lyons.

For Lyons, it adds up to rich storylines that energize the series. “It's spinning plates. Or juggling. But Eric seems to have worked out the formula for it. Giving the right amount of time to the right storyline and the right moment … that's how a show like this is going to survive, is to choose the moments. That's why Lost did so well, is to follow the characters down the rabbit hole and try to find the most interesting point of drama for each of them,” he said.

Here's a sneak peek of tonight's episode, “The Stand.”

Revolution premieres at 9 p.m. on NBC.

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