Rey gets a new, and unexpected lightsaber in latest Last Jedi TV spot

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Dec 7, 2017

Potential spoilers ahead for Star Wars: The Last Jedi, though the scene is featured in an upcoming commercial, so it's likely not all that spoiler-y. But, if you want to go in completely unspoiled, be warned!

This might just be the most shocking Star Wars: Last Jedi TV spot yet. The brief teaser shows Rey wielding Kylo Ren's cross-sectioned red lightsaber as Snoke says "fulfill your destiny." Does that mean the heroine is turning to the Dark Side of the Force in Episode VIII? Or is she just using it because her own lightsaber isn't available?

Previous trailers have Kylo holding out a hand to her. Is he recruiting her to the First Order or offering his services to the Rebellion? Rey grabbing Kylo's saber also begs the questions of whether or not he'll make it to the end of the movie. Will he pay for his sins and go the way of his father, Han Solo? So many questions and theories with so little answers. Then there's the fact that, according to the film's director Rian Johnson, most of our guesswork has been superficial at best

At 30-seconds long, the commercial is meant to highlight that we've got eight days left until the movie hits theaters. The Last Jedi hits theaters on Friday, December 15.

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