Rian Johnson is finished with Star Wars: The Last Jedi

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Sep 22, 2017

It seems as though the wait for Star Wars: Episode VIII has been interminable (we’re ready for a full trailer now, at a bare minimum), but now we’re happily one step closer to seeing the finished product. Rian Johnson has announced that he’s completely and irrevocably finished with The Last Jedi.

The director made the declaration in both an Instagram post and a tweet. On Instagram, Johnson posted a black and white photo of the production team to his account @riancjohnson.

Over on Twitter, a user named @IndianaJedi (A+++ Twitter name) asked the director if he was completely finished with the movie, or if there were still some visual effects and sound to finish up. Johnson responded, “Allllll done.”

Josh Gad responded to Johnson's tweet with, "Can I see it? Like now? Just to be sure?" We're with you, Josh.

(via GeekTyrant, ScreenRant)

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