Rian Johnson makes it hilariously, trollishly clear that Luke is the Last Jedi

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Dec 17, 2018, 4:00 PM EST (Updated)

Ever since we learned The Last Jedi would be the title of the new Star Wars film, there has been boundless speculation over exactly what it means. Well, director Rian Johnson has made it pretty clear he means Luke — and now he’s just trolling us.

Johnson took to Twitter to respond to an interview from Vanity Fair, which saw him being coy about the title’s possible meaning. He’s already said in previous interviews the title refers to Luke (the opening crawl in The Force Awakens also makes that point pretty clear), and when Vanity Fair tweeted a headline about how hard it was to get Johnson to answer the question, Johnson jokingly fired back:

“It’s Luke.”

Doesn’t get much more clear than that, right?

The title was rumored to possibly refer to Rey, or even a new group of Jedi founded by Luke, assuming it was meant as plural instead of singular. Johnson seems amused by the speculation, but at least for now, the title means Luke. That doesn’t mean it won’t mean something else, too, when the film arrives this December. But yeah, it’s Luke.

Johnson seems to be having a lot of fun online in the runup to The Last Jedi’s release, and he’s already made a few headlines this week by telling fans to avoid the new trailer that dropped this week if they want to go into the film completely unspoiled. Fans better enjoy it while it lasts, because with J.J. Abrams stepping in for Episode IX, we’re almost certainly poised for a return to his trademark brand of secrecy.

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