Rian Johnson reveals more about those crazy-adorable Porgs

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Sep 13, 2017

If you don’t think Porgs are remotely cute, your argument is invalid. These adorable (dare I say, aporgable!) aliens are furry little beasts with huge eyes that waddle like penguins, and apparently also ride with Chewie like a boss. And no, they are not a subspecies of Ewok.

What they are, according to Rian Johnson, are the birds of a planet far, far away.

When one fan going through a difficult episode tweeted Rian Johnson to find out more about these things (tell me you don’t find yourself Googling puppies and kittens and all sorts of cuteness overload when you’re down), she probably didn’t expect a response—but got one. And so did legions of other curious Star Wars fans.

Johnson was inspired to hatch Porgs after something he saw on our own planet. The ending of The Force Awakens was filmed on the Irish island of Skellig Michael, which was teeming with puffins when he landed. If you look at the concept art, you can totally see the resemblance. Except for the whole beakless thing.

Porgs probably carry DNA for different shades of gray and brown and possibly white, when you consider the color palette for ocean cliffs, even on Ahch-to. Males are larger than females in many animal species, even though certain types of spiders could testify otherwise. Porgs’ short wings don’t look as if they were made to soar through space, but what they don’t have in flying power they must make up for by being endlessly inquisitive. If you don’t want one for a pet by now, you’re probably not human.


Porg concept art by Jake Lunt Davies

Did I mention that their babies are called porglets? They are. That. Adorable.

Several different special effects bring Porgs to life. In some shots they’re actual puppets, in others, completely CGI. You’ll still want to reach through the screen and cuddle one either way.

That’s it. There needs to be a Star Wars spinoff called Porgs.

(via Screencrush)

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