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Rian Johnson says Luke Skywalker was '100 percent consistent' with original trilogy in The Last Jedi

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Nov 7, 2018

Star Wars: The Last Jedi writer/director Rian Johnson has suffered an unprecedented amount of online abuse, for a film that is still one of the biggest box office hits of all time and a critical darling. But some Star Wars fans will never be satisfied — even as new movies near and TV series aim to refocus the franchise.

Some still want to go after Johnson. Maybe it’s for Kylo Ren, maybe it’s for Rey, maybe it’s for Rose Tico, and maybe it’s for his take on Luke Skywalker. But that ire still holds a place in some fans' hearts. But Johnson hasn’t stopped sticking up for his film.

A commenter on Twitter, @CurtisSams, levied the complaint that “to change Luke so much and have one little flash back scene to explain why” was “just bad story telling.” Well, as a professional storyteller, Johnson had some feedback:

Not only is The Last Jedi’s Luke “100% consistent with his character (not the way he’s described in marketing blurbs, but his actual,  based-on-his-words-and-actions character) from the OT,” but it’s even a “hot take” to describe him as such because people simply seem to build up whatever Luke they’ve held in their heads as the true version of the character. Luke’s brushes with the dark side are well-documented, as his fear and desire to face evil head-on as a hero almost ruined everything in the first trilogy of films.

That The Last Jedi saw his death only rubs salt in the wounds of the already salty. But for those despairing, never fear. Skywalker will return in Episode IX and perhaps, if audiences bug director J.J. Abrams enough, he’ll undermine some of what happened in The Last Jedi. It can’t undo aging or the arc that Skywalker has taken over the years, but it can certainly tread water with him as a ghost.

We’ll have to see how faithful Luke is when Episode IX hits theaters in Dec. of 2019.

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