Rian Johnson’s parting porg gift, lightsaber bruises, and more from the cast of Star Wars: The Last Jedi

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Mar 27, 2021, 12:00 AM EDT (Updated)

The full press push for Star Wars: The Last Jedi is now at full hyperspace, with director Rian Johnson and the cast appearing almost everywhere as we inch closer to the film's release on December 15.

Rian Johnson gathered together with cast members Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker), Laura Dern (Amilyn Holdo), John Boyega (Finn), and Gwendoline Christie (Captain Phasma) for a Facebook Live event, and the gang passed around an upturned stormtrooper helmet full of questions. Here are some of the best responses! 

On which cast member is the funniest: John Boyega was quick to say BB-8, and the others quickly agreed. Hamill joked that if his beeps are translated, "he kills it every time." 

On which cast member has the best pet: Boyega again jumped in and declared that his British Nigerian cat was the best of the bunch. When Hamill brought up the fact that his own daughter's dog, Millie, has over 19,000 Instagram followers, Boyega came back at him with a response for the ages -- "My cat doesn't need followers, cause he's got self-esteem."

Does the cast ever think of stealing BB-8? Most of them do, but this is when Rian Johnson dropped a porg-bomb on the porg-ceedings. When one of the actors mentioned stealing a porg, Johnson said that he doesn't need to do that, because master craftsman Neil Scanlan gave him a fully functional porg replica as a wrap gift. The rest of the cast instantly came down with a big case of porg envy. 

On calling or texting: It wasn't really related to the film, but a lightning round question asked if everyone preferred to text or call. The result? Everyone present preferred to text, to which Hamill quipped, "Old-fashioned technology takes a dive." 

What would you ask your character if given the chance? Christie was quick to say that she would ask Phasma why she was so mean, while Hamill went with the classic line, "Aren't you a little short for a stormtrooper?"

Boyega said that he would ask Finn who his father was, but when it came time for Laura Dern's answer, she froze and said nothing. Of course we still don't know much about Dern's new character, Vice Admiral Amilyn Holdo, but Mark Hamill almost spilled some of the blue milk about her. 

When the upturned helmet of questions was passed to Dern, she hesitated. Seeing this, Hamill said full out, "You're very brave in the movie."  Dern had the following response: 


She laughed very soon after, but she wasn't about to confirm or deny any information. She's a regular David Lynch performer, so she certainly knows how to keep secrets. 

On how filming this movie has changed their lives and their careers: Speaking of David Lynch, the Twin Peaks/Blue Velvet/Wild at Heart actress answered this question by saying that her kids can actually see her in a movie for once, implying that Blue Velvet in particular is not especially suitable for children. Boyega said that he "gets a whole bunch of free stuff," and Christie mentioned how her friend's kids think she's cool now, and not just "lofty and distant." Hamill probably had the funniest response, saying that they all "get to do publicity for a movie that really doesn't need any." 

On the best advice they've gotten about being in the spotlight: 

Christie: "Wear underarm deodorant." 

Hamill: "Enjoy it while it lasts." 

Boyega: "Can't remember. Jet-lagged." 

Dern: (from her third grade teacher) "Keep your eyes on your own paper." 

How often did someone accidentally get whacked with a lightsaber? This question got interesting fast, and mostly because of how it was handled. Hamill immediately started talking about the lightsaber battles of the original trilogy (saying that Vader's helmet limited his vision, so he would get bruised up a bit), but when it came time to talk about the lightsaber battles in the new film, Hamill left it with a "Do I use my lightsaber, uhhhh ...," and Johnson joined in with him. Fans are dying to know whether Luke Skywalker will be busting out his classic green lightsaber in the new film ... whether or not this happens, both Hamill and Johnson seem to realize that the fan desire for it is strong. 

Take a look at the full video below!

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