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Credit: Oni Press

Rick and Morty: Brain parasite Sleepy Gary is snoozing into his own one-shot comic

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Apr 29, 2019, 5:58 AM EDT (Updated)

No Rick and Morty character is too small or unimportant for their own comic book. For example, Oni Press has announced that Sleepy Gary (voiced by Matt Walsh), featured only once in the Season 2 episode "Total Rickall," is getting his own one-shot from Magdalene Visaggio (Eternity Girl), Nick Filardi (The Realm), and CJ Cannon (Rick and Morty Issue #1).

Despite the fact that Gary (Beth's husband and Jerry's vacation lover) turned out to be a nasty alien brain parasite implanting false memories into the minds of the Smith family, he is being brought back to life in Rick's garage lab after he was shot to death by Beth (Sarah Chalke). 

For unknown reasons, Rick revives one of the parasites, which, after running through several different memory paths, turns into Sleepy Gary. After Rick and Morty leave the garage, Gary wakes up, confused, scared, and just a wee bit pissed. He breaks out of his tube, puts on one of Rick's lab coats, grabs his portal gun, and heads out in search of Jerry. 

Check out the two covers for Issue #1 below:


Credit: Oni Press


Credit: Oni Press

Sleepy Gary hits the shelves of comic book shops on Sep. 19. The official solicit info for the book is as follows:

Sleepy Gary may be a parasite, but when Jerry is with him, he's... happy. Does it matter if it isn't really real? Can either of them even know what's real anymore? Explore the nuances of love, perception, and high-speed vespa chases in this darkly funny and poignant one-shot

Continue on to the gallery below for a chance to read three pages of the upcoming issue!