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Pickle Rick! Rick and Morty is officially an Emmy nominee now

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Jul 12, 2018, 1:04 PM EDT

As the tumultuously produced and completely subversive Rick and Morty dominates Adult Swim and its streaming home of Hulu, it’s been without recognition from one major source: the Emmys.

The awards are the Oscars of TV, the highest honor a mainstream TV show could hope for and a cult hit could only dream about. But now, things are changing quicker than a mad scientist could turn himself into a pickle.

Thanks to the Season 3 episode "Pickle Rick", Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland’s oddball animated show about Rick and his grandson/accomplice/victim Morty has earned its first Emmy nomination for Outstanding Animated Program.

Whether it will win against longtime, parodic juggernauts like South Park and The Simpsons is an ironic question of establishment vs. anti-establishment, but with new seasons allegedly coming quicker than ever, Rick and Morty fans should expect ground to be broken as far as awards season goes. With more episodes come more chances for wins — and Rick and Morty have dozens on the way.

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