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Rick and Morty's fourth season still up in the air

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Jan 5, 2018, 10:03 AM EST (Updated)

After a third season ended in great ratings and real-life, fast-food-based controversy for fans, Rick and Morty’s fourth season is still lost in space.

Variety reports that Adult Swim, the network airing the animated series, has “‘no timing to share on premiere or status of production’ at this time.” This follows a Detroit Cast interview with Rick and Morty writer Ryan Ridley, who also worked with the cartoon’s co-creator Dan Harmon on Community, which Harmon also created.

In the interview, Ridley said that no scripts have been completed, and called for Harmon, Roiland, and Adult Swim to “get their s*** together” and quit taking their sweet time on organizing the next season of the show. Last season was already a bit of a struggle, facing delays that Dan Harmon explained on Twitter (below is an excerpt from a much, much longer thread):

But now, with unsubstantiated rumors swirling that the fourth season won’t be finished until 2019, concern about the show’s future is perhaps at its height. Seeing as Game of Thrones is taking the aforementioned 2019 timeline to complete its final season, fans may be expecting a similar amount of craft coming with the return of last year’s top-rated comedy. Fewer dragons, though.