Rick meets his most unlikely match in Rick and Morty #22 preview

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Jan 23, 2017, 11:00 AM EST

In a multiversal of infinite possibilities, it had to happen some time. Despite how unimaginable it may seem, eventually Rick would meet his match. What he could never have predicted was that his match would be the most unlikely person ever: Jerry.


Rick and Morty #22, the latest issue of the smash-hit comic book based on the smash-hit animated series that everyone wishes would just freaking come back already, releases this Wednesday. In this issue, Rick finds himself unable to out-smart an alternate universe version of the normally dimwitted and pathetic Jerry and is forced to call for backup … in the form of the Council of Ricks. Will even an army of different Ricks be able to stop this rampaging anomaly of a Jerry?

The issue is written by Kyle Starks with art by CJ Cannon, colors by Katy Farina and wrapped in covers by Cannon and Kory Bing. And if that isn't enough hilarious sci-fi insanity for you, the issue also features a back-up tale by Marc Ellerby that features Rick attempting to help Morty ask Summer to the Valentine's Dance ... in a way only Rick can.

Check out the covers and an eight-page preview of the comic in the gallery and if you like what you see, be sure to show us what you've got in the comments below.