Rick vows to kill Negan in tense new clip from the The Walking Dead's return

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Oct 11, 2016, 9:22 PM EDT (Updated)

With a mystery death hanging over the new season of The Walking Dead, AMC has turned the process of cutting a trailer into an art form. Want to see the immediate aftermath of Negan’s meeting with Rick’s gang?

While promoting the show’s return for Season 7 at New York Comic Con, the network unveiled a trailer that shows Rick’s conversation with Negan after the Lucille-wielding baddie killed a member of his group. The scene is cut extremely tight, focused on the faces of Rick and Negan (accented by the bloody baseball bat, complete with a smattering of brain matter, which you know someone will try to dissect frame by frame to figure out the victim).

Needless to say, it’s tense — as Rick vows to kill Negan for his actions (despite the circumstances). Not surprisingly, Negan doesn’t take that very well.

There are quite a few references to “right hand men,” and Negan does take possession of Rick’s hatchet before dragging him off for a private chat … so could Rick Grimes finally be losing that hand? If you read the comics, you know it’s been on borrowed time for a while. At the panel, co-star Danai Gurira (Michonne) teased that Negan will make the Governor seem like “small potatoes,” and we’re certainly inclined to believe her. 

The Walking Dead returns Sunday, Oct. 23 on AMC.

Check out the scene below and let us know what you think:

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